Born in 1978, Ilias Kyriazis is a comic book writer/artist based in Athens, Greece.

In Greece:

After getting his degree in interior design he worked for two years in advertising as a storyboarder and an animator.
He won first prize in the 1st national contest by the "Eleytherotypia" newspaper and "AKTO" art school and he begun a 7 year long collaboration with "9" comics magazine, an insert of "Eleytherotypia". He created the comics series "Manifesto" (collected in graphic novel format in 2004) and it?s sequel "Manifesto Dyo" (collected in 2008), "Blood Opera" (collected in 2003), "Se Vlepo", "Blockbuster", "Ena Tsigaro Hronos" and more...
Along with other artists who won awards in the "Eleytherotypia" contest he co-created the comics anthology "Subart Comics" which led to the creation of Giganto Books. Through Giganto he published the comics collaboration "Turta", he co-edited and participated in the superhero anthology "Blast Comics", he edited the female artists' anthology "Mistress". Giganto also published, in limited edition, a collection of his illustrations called "Dirty Launtry". As part of the "Subart" team he worked on the visual part (posters, stage sets, program etc) of the 2004 music show by Foivos Delivorias and Zack Stefanou, "Fanzine".
He drew the comic strip "Sti Mesi O Manolis" for "10%" magazine/site, wrote and drew the strip "Girl On Girl" for "City Uncovered" as well as the stip "JFGI" for the magazine of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.
For his works he was awarded the prize for Best Script in the Comic Festival of Belgrade and Comicdom Awards for Best Artist, Best Writer, Best Short Story and Best Anthology.
He's taken part in various comic exhibitions and had a solo art show at Terra Petra, Athens.
At the same time he's been working as a freelance illustrator . He's worked for Maxim, Athens Voice free press, Kedros publishing, Minoas publishing, the office of minister Fani Palli Petralia and more.
His latest greek comics work is writing ΆΡΠΗ (/ HARPE), drawn by Len Gogou.


Since 2007 he's been working for U.S comic publishers.
He did the short story "Jared" for Dark Horse Presents. He did the comic "Melody" for DC/ Zuda (that was nominated for a LULU award for Best Female Character). He collaborated with comics veteran Scott Lobdell on the mini series "Galaxy Quest: Global Warning" and "Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression" and he wrote and drew the graphic novel "Falling For Lionheart" (published in Greece as "Mia Kardia Gia Ton Leontokardo") for IDW.
He also self published the mini comics "GIN 747", "Minifesto", "The Iliad In 16 Pages" and "The Dragon And The Ghost" and the crowdfunded graphic novel, "Elysium Online".
He co-created and drew "Secret Identities" for Image Comics.
He has drawn "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" and G.I.Joe/M.A.S.K: First Strike for IDW.
He's currently drawing Collapser for DC comics' Young Animal.